Ahoy, Mateys!

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]onjour! I apologize in advance, as this is my first attempt at dipping my tootsies into the waters of the so-called “blogosphere” world. My name is McKenzie and I am a journalism student at the one-and-only Scripps School of Journalism. I am also double majoring in global studies, which has played a large role in my inspiration for this blog. I am 19 years young and am currently beginning my second year of college here at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. While I now consider Athens my home, I am originally from the unforgettable “mistake by the lake”, good ol’ Cleveland, Ohio. I was raised in the relatively small town of Berea, which is really only known due to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Baldwin Wallace University and the Browns training camp (don’t all boo at once). I have surprisingly never once attended a Browns game, though, as I prefer watching the Cavaliers and Indians.

Although I love my adorable pups, overwhelmingly obnoxious family and of course Athens, I have a persistent urge to travel, one that I will finally give in to this winter with my first study abroad trip to Quito, Ecuador. This study abroad will focus on documentary filmmaking, which I must confess I am quite thrilled about. Before I graduate, I also plan on traveling to France to complete my specialization for journalism in French studies and also Africa, as my chosen global studies specialization is in African studies. Moreover, I have challenged myself to becoming fluent in French and maybe learning a little bit of an African language, though it unfortunately isn’t quite as easy as I initially imagined. To throw in another little fun fact of the day, I fully intend to fulfill another dream of mine and ride an elephant while in Africa. My plans for my future are consistently changing and I admittedly have very little of an idea regarding what I would like to do once entering into the frightening “big-girl/adult” world. For now I would like to enter the Peace Corps after college, something I have aspired to do ever since I was a little teenybopper. To be awarded the opportunity to take part in a Fulbright Program would also be equally rewarding. However, I would prefer not to get too ahead of myself as of yet..

For now I will be writing about all things international here at Ohio University. From international students, students studying abroad and the Center of International Studies, I will be covering it all throughout this fall semester. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of Ohio University’s African Studies Program, something I will (spoiler alert) more than likely be covering. I then hope to extend my use of this handy blog by covering my journey to Ecuador along with future study abroad trips. Keep your fingers crossed for some complimentary photographs from my newly purchased Canon Rebel T5i, too! I am now going to conclude this interesting blog post, but don’t even fret my fellow readers, I will be back! Au revoir!


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