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Possible Chemical Arms Proposition

Click here to read “Syria chemical arms plan promising ‘if it’s real,’ Obama says”

“Syria chemical arms plan promising ‘if it’s real,’ Obama says” is a blog post written by Matt Smith and Catherine E. Shoichet for CNN as a part of the “Syrian Crisis” series. According to the story, during an interview with CBS, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad denied all allegations regarding the Syrian government’s potential use of chemical weapons. Along with this, he warned “…his country would lash out in potentially unpredictable ways after a U.S. military strike…” On Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry declared that a potential American strike might be avoided if Syria would turn over all chemical weapons. Although Kerry’s comment was reported to not have been literal, Russia supported the idea, advising Syria to do just that. Obama referred to the proposition as a “positive development”, adding that the suggestion could ultimately avoid U.S. military strikes on Syria.

This blog is a part of a series of updates on the groundbreaking news involving Syria. The post seems to be targeted more toward individuals who have been steadily keeping up to date on the latest news surrounding Syria, as it is a very in-depth account of the most recent events and breaking news. A video featuring President Barack Obama is also included in the post, adding a supportive multimedia component to the highlighted story. Moreover, the blog mentions a poll concerning Americans feelings toward the potential strikes, allowing the reader to see what others think about the possibility of American intervention.


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