[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ay is almost over and I can already, very confidently, attest to the crazy summer brewing ahead. Despite some annoyances regarding my new bed, or lack thereof, life has once again figured itself out. I am currently working for The Athens NEWS and the Athens Foundation while taking one (surprisingly) enjoyable French class.

Working as a Student Freelance Writer for The Athens NEWS has already brought about some great experiences and assignments, like the third annual Advocacy, Training, Careers and Opportunities (Atco) Idol. Atco is an amazing non-profit corporation within Athens County that works to provide employment, community inclusion and training for adults with developmental disabilities. Atco Idol is one way that individuals are able to pop out of their shells and engage themselves in the local community, while building confidence, poise and morale. Read my article on this year’s Atco Idol for The Athens News here!

More information on Atco can be found at http://www.atcoinc.org/aboutpg.htm and http://athenscbdd.org/?page_id=764.

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2014 Atco Idol


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