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Top 15 Twitter accounts every student should follow

As seen in the Athens NEWS:

Top 15 Twitter accounts every student should follow
Two student reporters, two student lists

By McKenzie Powell
Athens NEWS Campus Reporter

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]irst it was MySpace, and then it was Facebook. Now the endless uploads of selfies and diary entries are floating throughout the Twitter universe. “You should follow me on twitter!” has become a nearly universal proposal, allowing individuals from all over the world to follow one another, whether it’s a close family member, a friend from school, or a famous celebrity.

With millions of users, you may be wondering who exactly you should follow other than your old high-school friends and that random person you met at a party last weekend. The following Twitter accounts will provide every Ohio University student with breaking news, relatable tweets, interesting facts, a good laugh and unforgettable photographs: 


@OUScanner. Quite possibly one of the most important twitter accounts to follow as a student at OU. Due to their police and fire scanner, OU Scanner is able to provide constant updates regarding fires, accidents and other breaking news occurring throughout the Athens area. 

To read more click HERE.


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