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Kaki’s Learning Solutions Offers Uniquely Tailored Tutoring Sessions for Lakewood Youth

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]aki Mitchell, a retired public school teacher of 33 years, is in the midst of expanding her creative tutoring and consulting business, Kaki’s Learning Solutions, for Lakewood students ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Kaki’s Learning Solutions offers tailored tutoring sessions that focus on the needs of each individual student in an effort to better understand the child’s personal learning styles while developing beneficial learning strategies.

“All tutoring sessions are tailored to the uniqueness of each student and instruction is designed to complement their strengths while building bridges where gaps once were,” explained Mitchell.

Mitchell has an extensive background in special education, general education and administration and has taught students ranging from preschoolers to high school seniors.

Kaki’s Learning Solutions was established after Mitchell’s creation of Pets Are Teachers Too, a program that focused on students of special needs at a local high school.

After noticing a lack of skills and will to graduate, Mitchell decided it was time for a change.

“I had to break the pattern. I had to empower them and give them a chance to have a voice,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell decided to introduce dogs into her program, an alteration that not only began to inspire students, but also succeeded in decreasing anxiety and depression while increasing students’ grades and skills.

Now retired, Mitchell is incorporating these life-changing experiences and unique teaching techniques into her new tutoring business.

“Services are offered in this manner because students need to understand their brain, their strengths and weaknesses, and why they process information the way that they do,” said Mitchell. “Many students do not respond to a canned-type program that is geared for the mass norm. Once students understand how their brain processes information, then complementary strategies can be introduced and reinforced.”

Mitchell offers services inside and outside of her home, with the option of assistance from her two loving and trained dogs, Misty and Allie. Mitchell is also available for consultation with the child’s school upon request, and will review any school data.

All initial consultations with Kaki’s Learning Solutions are free.

Mitchell can be contacted by phone at 440-503-6739, or through email at


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