Dear Fiona

Dear Fiona,

You were a tiny little nugget who refused to eat or drink or run,
You wanted to be fed and held and cuddled, all together, all in one.

Your body couldn’t sustain itself, partly because you wouldn’t eat,
I mean if I was in a kennel waiting to be sold, the last thing I would want is some nasty treat.

So we took you in, and thought it’d only be for a few days,
This worked pretty well, and got you out of your weird haze.

After that first night we got you to taste a little food,
And within a few days you were a brand-new Fiona, with this goofy little ’tude.

You were warm and loving and so extremely sweet,
You loved terrorizing the cats and bit Scoot’s legs like she was meat.

It was all in the name of fun, though,
And they loved you just as much as you loved them.
When you were gone or hanging out downstairs, we missed you a lot,
You were just our perfect little gem.

We had no idea that the problem was much bigger,
We thought you were getting better with all your newfound vigor…

The vet said you had more issues, though,
You were a liver shunt puppy and your body was in a lot of trouble.
You had a blood vessel that really just didn’t know which way to go,
It carried your blood around the liver, ultimately turning your body to rubble.

We took you in for good,
Because you couldn’t be sold.
Your body was too tiny for surgery,
But you had this undeniable heart of gold.

So we played and played and played,
You loved those kitties more than life.
We even started potty-training you,
And life seemed without strife.

You barely ever barked,
And you loved to be cuddled and held.
You just wanted some good ol’ loving,
And with endless hugs and different food, it seemed your health excelled.

But in reality, you were still suffering,
Even though it might not have caught our eye.
Every day was a battle for you,
But from you we never saw a cry.

You were unbelievably strong and always fought,
But who knew that it was this bad?
That morning you were happy and running around,
I didn’t know the day would end so extremely sad.

The seizures had destroyed your body,
All the sudden half of it just shut down.
You were sad and confused and lost,
But I swear you didn’t once frown.

You were in so much pain,
You couldn’t even get up to pee.
You were losing all control of your body,
From the suffering we so wished you could flee.

Now you are up in a wonderful puppy paradise,
I have no doubt about that.
You’ll be chomping on bones and chasing kittens,
And eating loads of food ‘til you get fat,
And then, just like at home, you’ll run around in a bunch of circles,
Taking lap upon lap upon lap.

I love you my little princess Fifi,
With all my heart and soul.
We hoped to have a few years with you,
But unfortunately it was your time to go.

Have fun out there in puppy paradise,
And one day perhaps we’ll reunite.
I know that you’ll forever be my little angel,
To my life you were such a delight.

Fiona and I


2 thoughts on “Dear Fiona

  1. Aunt Deb says:

    My dear McKenzie,
    “Dear Fiona” has absolutely touched my heart in the most special and tender way… Per Tennyson, “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all.”
    A ferocious bear hug, Aunt Deb

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