Blog Post Extravaganza: Guidelines

Happy, happy hump DaaAAaaAAAaAY!

So here’s the dealio. As some of you may know, I have recently been planning for ways to begin blogging more and initiate this wonderful, so-called “blog post extravaganza.” After posting a survey on social media to determine what times would be best to feature my weekly blog post, I have decided on Wednesday. This was due to some feedback, and because I’d like to think my posts might add a little incentive for you as you attempt to successfully move through your hump day and conquer the remainder of the week.

My posts will probably be made sometime in the morning – though if I’m feeling funky I may post it at some other point throughout the day – so keep an eye out!

Also, following a fellow blogger that I randomly bumped into on cyberspace, I am most likely going to be bolding particular words throughout my blogs to make it easier for skimming. As I really think about this in its entirety, I realize I may end up feeling quite lazy and deciding not to do this…but just in case I do this is your explanation as to why!

I have decided that while Wednesdays will be blog post extravaganza days, Mondays and Fridays will be article days.

These three postings a week will be almost entirely guaranteed for the remainder of the semester, and from there I will update you all (I just like to act like I have millions of fans) on my next move.

So, lovely peeps, be prepared to view my latest work/articles every Monday and Friday with the added supplement of an extra new and groovy blog post every Wednesday!

I hope midterms week is serving all my fellow collegiate friends well. To me, it is surely not.

P.S. Some blog posts may get super groovy and include fun quizzes and/or multimedia, so stay tuned!

P.P.S. I included my horse pic from Ecuador because it made me chuckle.


2 thoughts on “Blog Post Extravaganza: Guidelines

  1. Aunt Deb says:

    I’m looking forward to your Wednesday extravaganza blog! (I don’t know where you find the time!!!)
    Loved your horse pic from Ecuador—big smile.

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