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Jefferson County native gives back to Appalachian Scholars

As seen in Compass:

Jefferson County native gives back to Appalachian Scholars
Mar 17, 2015
By McKenzie Powell

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e have an actual Athens Brick on our patio here in Florida,” said Bob Davis, owner and CEO of Specialty Incentives, who earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration from Ohio University. “I think Ohio University contributes many bricks to its students and those bricks become a foundation for their lives going forward.”

Because of their own life experiences, Bob Davis and his wife, Barbara, who earned a bachelor’s degree in home economics from OHIO in 1968, made the decision to promote diversity and inclusion by giving back to the University and those residing within Appalachian counties through a generous gift to the Appalachian Scholars General Scholarship Endowment.

“We feel that education is the key, a major door opener. It gives people the tools they need to successfully manage life’s challenges and choices,” he said.

OHIO laid solid groundwork for Bob Davis himself, who originally grew up in Bergholz, Ohio, a small mining village located in Jefferson County. With limited financial resources, Bob Davis and his family knew that without college his choices were limited to working in either a coal mine or steel mill.

“My parents recognized that if my life was going to take a different path, I would need an education,” he said.

Throughout his time at OHIO, Bob Davis maintained several jobs in order to afford his education, including a position within the Residence Hall system. One of his most impactful positions with the University was serving as the Green Director for South Green when it first opened.

“That experience provided me with leadership and management responsibilities that prepared me to be an independent business person and entrepreneur,” Bob Davis said.

While attending OHIO in the 1960’s, Bob and Barbara Davis were connected through Greek Life and have been together ever since.

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