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Eyebrows on fleek

Eyebrows on fleek. What!?

Okay, I know we just talked about not necessarily going along with the latest trends or trying to fit in with the norm “just because.”

But, let’s be honest. We’re currently in a state of extreme awareness and clearly demonstrated importance of…(drumroll please)…the browz.

I’m not going to lie, I was one of those people who complained about people coloring their eyebrows in…and now I do it myself. HOWEVER, there is a tremendous difference between COLORING your eyebrows in and FILLING them in to give them a little more color, perfection and, well, pizzazz.

Seriously, there is no doubt that a little color can go a loooong way, especially for a blonde like me.

So, what exactly are these so-called “eyebrows on fleek?” According to Urban Dictionary, the top definition for eyebrows on fleek is, “Perfect, on point, A+, flawless On point, flawless,perfect,A+ [sic].” I think the exaggeration of perfect, on point, A+ and flawless listed in this definition clearly explains the importance and necessity of a precisely fleek eyebrow.

How do you create such fleekness on those little hairs above your eyes you may ask?

Here are my two, short steps that you should take in order to get your BROWZ ON FLEEK:

1. Landscape

If you’re like me (which you probably aren’t because my skin is abnormally sensitive), waxing does nothing but tear your skin off (literally). Sure, it usually looks great and shapes up my brows, but in order for people to see these newly landscaped adornments, my skin first goes through a dreadfully long healing process involving scabbing and breakouts. By the end of this process, my eyebrows are already growing back – and noticeably.

These years of unfortunate waxing appointments influenced my decision to try something a little different: threading. I’m sure many of you have already heard of, or tried, threading. On the one hand, it is undeniably painful, especially if you hold your face incorrectly. On the other hand, it results in the cleanest, sharpest, most flawless brow you’ll probably ever get.

Threading not only looks a million times better than waxing, but it also lasts SO much longer. Go ahead and give it a try and don’t fear the pain; you’ll be exceedingly pleased with the results.

2. Fill them in (optional)

Please, note that there is an exaggeration and emphasis on FILL IN and NOT COLOR IN. It’s really up to you whether you do this step or not. However, if you want to reach the highest level of fleekness, you won’t want to skip out.

All you need is a little Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW™ Pomade, which can easily be found at Sephora for just $18 (I use “auburn”). This stuff works wonders, as it clings onto your eyebrow hair and is completely waterproof. When first starting out, color your brows in very lightly to see how much of the pomade you will actually need. After you fill them in, feel free to use a Q-tip to clean up any extra pomade and maybe even lighten them up if need be.

Remember, less is always more, especially if you want your brows to look natural and not penciled/colored in (unless you like the look, then that is totally fine).

Follow these steps and, voila, you can take some embarrassingly awkward and terrifying selfies of your newly fleeked out eyebrows, just like me!

IMG_6658Fiona and I



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