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Paint the Town Green 2015 office-decorating winners revealed

As seen in Compass:

Paint the Town Green 2015 office-decorating winners revealed
Oct 7, 2015
By McKenzie Powell, Photos by Anna Winstead, BSVC ’16

Over 30 Ohio University departments competed in this year’s Paint the Town Green event, a Homecoming-themed decorating contest sponsored by the Student Alumni Board and the Campus Involvement Center.

“This year we had the largest number of offices participate and the quality of their decorations was outstanding,” said Brian Heilmeier, senior assistant director for student activities at the Campus Involvement Center. “Many of the offices also involved students by allowing them to tell their story, which was a really neat aspect to see.”

This year’s office contestants stayed true to the Homecoming 2015 theme, “Same Bricks, Different Stories,” with unique green and white decorations featuring handmade Athens blocks.

The 2015 Paint the Town Green office winners are:

Campus Cup – College of Business, located in Copeland Hall
Baker Ball – Bobcat Depot, located in Baker University Center, 1st floor
Chubb Cup – TIE between the OHIO University Registrar, and the Office of the Bursar, both located in Chubb Hall
Cutler Cup – Cutler Hall, 2nd floor

See photos from these winning offices…


OHIO’s College of Business has been awarded the coveted Campus Cup due to their outstanding decorations detailing the highly anticipated Miami vs. OHIO football game. The College of Business also followed this year’s Homecoming theme to the letter, sharing several stories from students accompanied by unique brick wallpaper and several humorous, handmade posters.

Bobcat Depot

The Baker Ball winner was the Baker University Center Bobcat Depot, which incorporated OHIO apparel, footballs and fall décor. The Bobcat Depot also decorated their windows with a handmade cutout of the College Gate and a picturesque tree, combined to resemble OHIO’s College Green in the autumn.

“One of the most impressive displays this year was the window art at the Bobcat Depot,” said Casey Arnold, assistant director of campus relations and member of the judging panel. “Their student artist did a fantastic job drawing some of the campus’s landmarks, and the whole team of judges really enjoyed seeing her work. If you’re in Baker Center, I definitely recommend checking it out!”

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